Terrence Boot (boot2head) wrote,
Terrence Boot

Owl Post

[Owl to Professor Lupin, in response to this owl]

Professor Lupin -

Thank you very much for the book. No, Kerouac is most definitely "my thing", as you put it, and my own copy is falling apart. You have a good idea for matching books to people, I think. Thank you.

- T. Boot

PS One good book deserves another, so here - though I wouldn't be suprised if you've read this one, too.

[Enclosed: a somewhat less battered but obviously well-loved signed, first edition copy of Jeff Noon's novel Vurt, with a sheath of notes stuck in the middle, half typed up on an old typewriter and half hand-scrawled, including the first four pages of a short story written in somewhat similar style.]

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