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Twenty-First Century Ravenclaw Boy

Ain't Life A Mystery?

Terrence Boot
13 June
I Am The Boot That Stomps In The Night.

I am Terry. I go to Hogwarts. I'm in Ravenclaw.

I am the very model of a Muggleborn from Ravenclaw,
I know all incantations and every single magic law,
I'm ace at Charms and Hexing and I'm fab Conjuration too,
at DADA and Transfiguring I'm rather better versed than you,
I'm really well acquainted with all matters Arithmantical,
for Ancient Runes I sing in Old Sumerian a canticle,
in Care of Mag'cal creatures I once becalmed a snarling Groo,
but throw at me a Flobberworm and I will shriek a girly "ewww!"...


My dad's a barrister. He is an utter cunt. I am between stepmothers right now.

Bad Religion is the greatest fucking band in the entire fucking world. Don't give me this Weird Sisters shite.

Oh, also, I'm the EVERLASTING MOLD OF PLATONIC, BROTHERLY LOVE. Ravenclaw thing, you know. Philos philos.

this is a journal for the_second_war Harry Potter RPG. not real.